Having your own blog entitles enables you to write about almost anything. Someone reading it is a whole other thing.

Today I post a little video I made on a UX suggestion for Instagram application.

I’m not an Instagram heavy-user but I recently got a new phone and I’ve been playing around with it.

Obviously,  Instagram designers would have thought abouit it, but still they went for vertical scrolling.



If we scroll vertically only…

  • Looong scroll movements
  • Constant up and down finger movements to fit the photo
  • Constant eye focusing
  • Read comments you are not interested in

If we scroll vertically and horizontally…

  • Less “finger-work”
  • Less “finger-trail”
  • Less precision requiered
  • More content in less time (main goal in social networks nowadays)
  • Read comments if you want to
  • You can see the amount if likes/comments



Tinder has some kind of horizontal scrolling/canvas and it was born some years after Instagram.

Is it time for some changes? Do Instagran users like it better this way? What do you UX friends think about it?